Rectification About Last update Bits2u
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Rectification About Last update Bits2u

Dear user,

We have been reading all the suggestions, criticisms and comments that have been given as a result of the first release we have released earlier, for this, we must first thank them for the desire to support and participate in our company, on the other hand, we would like to mention all the actions and / or measures that we will take:

1) We are going to reform the payment system of Bits2u (explanation below).
2) The first payment (of the new system) will be made today at night.

Explanation of the new payment system:

From now on they will continue giving daily profits, but, in order to compensate the Bitcoin's volatility and to be able to fulfill what was agreed (to double its investment) from now on the profits will be based on what you invested in dollars and everything will be in dollars (although the payment in Bitcoin).


If you have a business package and invested $ 10,000, you will receive $ 30,000, this $ 30,000 will be divided by 365 (which is the day in a year) and you will receive that daily amount.

In addition to this your dollar balance will be fixed and the Bitcoins that you had in your balance, will vary depending on the exchange rate of the same.

This does not mean that they will be able to withdraw daily as always, for this and to be able to continue with the sustainability of the company, we will make 6 payments prior to the return of the corresponding amount. (1 payment every 6 months)

The first payment will be made today, it will be 10% of your current balance and so we will continue successively, every 6 months, where we will pay you 10% of the balance you have, in the last payment (prior to reaching 3 years) we will pay the rest. (The whole contract)

Everyone will receive their withdrawal with a minimum of $ 1 in their balance, so even small investors can withdraw.

Demonstrating our transparency and commitment to all of you, we have worked to provide you with a better alternative. We will also answer your questions.


Bits2u Team

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